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P.O.Box 56151 North Pole, AK 99705
64.7536865, -147.3682196

Customer comments:“Boat fishing on the Copper with Captain Kim and Rose makes me wonder
why I ever fished from shore! They are friendly, efficient, and
extremely helpful. Tell Captain Kim what you want, and he and Rose will do
their best.”

– Susie

Well worth the money…had a great time…  Thanks for staying out that little extra time to get everyone closer to their limits.  Your obvious knowledge and experience of the river made everyone feel safe and secure.  I hope I can make it down to fish with you some more this year.
Mark Caputo
Satisfied Charter Customer 2006.

I had a great time with Kim and (wife’s name, I forget). They were
and friendly. It was my first time dipnetting and they showed me the
It was a great experience and I look forward to coming down there again
get my winter supply of fish. Laura in Talkeetna

Dipped Wed. June 20th, my first time!!

Me and five others dipped Wed evening with Captain Kim and his wife, Rose. (Captain Kim’s Goodtime Charters) Spoke with Kim at the Fairbanks Outdoor show and decided to book his show special a few months ago.
Two Dad and son teams on the boat so we had 4 permits to fill. Ended up with 90 fish including 4 kings. It seemed like we dipped just as many kings as reds.
I would get a couple of reds then a king, two more reds then another king. Ended up dipping 5 kings, another guy on the boat dipped 4, both dads dipped at least two each. One of the sons dipped a couple as well. This can drive you nuts when you have your limit of kings on the boat!

We offer 5 hours of dip-netting aboard our 24′ twin engine river boat. You will need to be an  Alaska resident with an Alaska fishing license, (which we have available at our office). We also rent nets to our clients for $20 per trip. You  will need to bring rain gear, rubber boots, and anything you would like to eat or drink. And a nice size cooler for all your copper river reds. We charge $170 per person or $650 for the entire boat (up to 4 people).Cash only.                                     Feel free to contact us and we can make all of the arrangements. (SALMON)

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    24-hour front desk
    Bear Hunting
    Bear Viewing
    Bird Watching
    Caribou Hunting
    Convention Center
    Dry cleaning/laundry service
    Fireplace in lobby
    Free breakfast
    Free Wi-Fi
    Front desk hours
    Gas Heater
    Halibut Charters
    Indoor Pool
    Moose Hunting
    Newspapers in lobby
    Private Cabins
    Sheep Hunting
    Sport Fishing
    Tent Camping
    Whale watching
    Wood Fireplace
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